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Chinese Mystery Shopper

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Being in business since 1996 has made INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK one of the industry leaders in Mystery 
Shopping. Our strategic focus and dedication is to provide innovative, technology - driven Mystery Shopping 
programs, custom designed to exceed our clients' expectations in quality, performance and expert support. But at 
the same time, delivering accurate measurable data in a timely, efficient manner.

We are currently looking for: Mystery Shoppers (Evaluator) : Chinese living in Korea

-For projects within Korea ( Seoul, Jeju )

-Consult with a staff in Chinese

-After your visit, need to complete personal report and answer questions

Duration of Visit : 15minutes

Payment : 30 ~ 40 USD

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK is a well known global company focused on checking the quality of customer service, 
by using the method of Mystery Shopping. ISC is currently looking for people of all ages who are thoughtful, 
have an eye for detail and with good reporting skills, who reside in Korea, to analyze the service provided by 
various commercial outlets: restaurants, clothing or shoe shops, jewelry boutiques etc. 

Tasks given to Evaluators:
In order to begin with us, every candidate has to register in our database: www.internationalservicecheck.com 
(then choose: Contact à Want to become a Evaluator?,Language-Chinese, Location- Korea)
From time to time, you will be receiving emails or calls when somewhere in your area there are visits (checks) 
For every visit you will receive detailed instructions about where and when you will have to go, what you will 
have to look for etc. Usually we check cleanliness, friendliness of employees and their willingness to help you 
during your visit. All detailed information regarding the visit is always provided in these written 
instructions, in addition they are often given by telephone from one of our coordinators. Some specific checks 
require you to pass a special certification test.
After your visit, you will have to write an experience report telling us exactly what happened and also answer 
questions from a questionnaire. Both will be available online in your personal Service Checker account.
If you have questions, please contact coordination-kr@internationalservicecheck.com

What’s most important for us is your reliable report.


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