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To promote Winter Special Exhibitions in National Museum of Korea, we recruit crews (volunteers) working on Foreign Visitors Program in National Museum of Korea. If you would like to be the member of crews or make use of your language skill to promote National Museum of Korea, please do not hesitate to join us.


Period of Recruitment: By the time in which appropriate numbers are filled

Period of Activity: 2017.12.19. ~ 2018.04.15.



1. Anyone who want to have volunteer experience in National Museum of Korea

2. Someone who can do volunteer work during the period of activity

3. Active users of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.


Activity Content

- Promoting Winter Special Exhibitions in National Museum of Korea through various social medias

- Planning and practicing Foreign Visitors Program in National Museum of Korea


How to Apply

Submit free-styled applications to the email (must include email address, phone number and the address of social media)

- email address to submit: mcmjh91@gmail.com

- December 15: Announcement (contact individually)

- December 16: Orientation



Certificate will be presented

Free admission to the exhibitions

Souvenirs will be given

Price for the best volunteers (both individual and team)


Feel free to ask any questions, email address: mcmjh91@gmail.com


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