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Admission Information


2016 Autumn session regular course

Eligibility - High school diploma or the equivalent is the minimum requirement for admission.


Application Deadline:

Deadline: 12th of May.


Required Documents

1. 3 color copies of portrait photo

(Applicant's name must be printed/written on the opposite side)

2. Application form

      (Designated format issued by the institute: download from website)

3. Copy of passport

4. Copy of Identification card

5. Certification of the Last school diploma (A notarized document)

6. Original copy of official academic transcript (all semesters)

7. Certificate of work experience (Only for applicants before graduated in 2012)

8. Certificate of bank balance of the person (More than USD 5,000)

  - In the case of financial guarantor, please submit the relation certificate, too.

  - Applicants from Vietnam (More than USD 10,000)

9. Certificate of employment & income certificate of parents.

10. Copy of the parents' identification card & passport

11. Original Certificate of Family relations


Some Applicants may also asked to submit additional documents as well.

Methods of Submitting Application documents: By Mail or in person


Tuition & Fees (Korean currency)

¯ Application fee: ₩ 50,000

¯ Tuition fee: ₩1,380,000 (1 semester)

¯ For D-4 visa, Applicant must pay 2 Semesters tuition fee



Deadline: 12th of August.


Course Schedule

2016 Fall Semester: 2016. 09. 21(Wed) ~ 2016. 11. 29(Tues)

2016 winter Semester: 2016. 12. 12(Mon) ~ 2017. 02. 20(Tues)


Notification of acceptance & Letter of Admission

After the screening process, ILCEC will inform successful candidates via e-mail or phone and will further guide them of fee submission process. After registration, ILCEC will issue an Acceptance certificate along with Fee-paid certificate to the student, in term to apply for Visa.




Address: Room 401,133 Dongsung Road, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-809 Korea

* Tel: +82-2-2075-2195               *Fax: +82-2-764-7826

* E-mail: cklc@live.cn                    *Homepage: http://cklc.smu.ac.kr